From simple bolt on bits to complete engine builds and conversions, our Porsche engine & transmission specialists can take care of all your needs from mild to wild. We carry a variety of performance packages for all Porsche cars of all generations. Including, but not limited to GT2, GT3, GT4, Turbo & naturally aspirated Porsche, as well as air cooled variants. We strive to provide a harmonious and balanced machine tailored to your specific needs.

Bolt-on PerformanceUpgrades & Packages

We work with top performance brands around the world to provide our clients the best products for their Porsche cars. Our power-kits offer the best performance & reliability for street or track. Our focus is to deliver a car that exceeds our client’s expectations by understanding their needs and goals. We design our packages utilizing the best componentry, from IPD, Dundon, BBI & we tie everything together with Cobb Tuning. Giving our customers ease of use & installation. Performance packages typically include, intake components, exhaust components, intercoolers(if applicable) and a tune.

We have packages for:

  • All Porsche Turbo & GT2 from 2001 to Current
  • All Porsche 991 GT3/RS from 2014 to Current
  • All Porsche 987.2, 981, 718 Cayman & Boxster from 2009 to Current
  • All Porsche 981 & 718 GT4 from 2016 to Current
  • All Porsche Macan, Cayenne & Panamera GTS, Turbo & Turbo S from 2014 to Current

Engine Tuning & Calibration

Take advantage of the tunability of your Porsche. We all know factory turbo cars offer huge gains with simple engine tuning. It just makes sense to unlock the full hidden potential these cars offer.

Working directly with Cobb, we maximize engine efficiency with custom tuning. Whether we spend days at the dyno, or tune remotely, you can be sure that your car will be producing power safely & running smoother than ever.

We offer “Off The Shelf” maps with our power packages along with our own custom maps that are tailored to your Porsche.

For those running Motec or Haltech standalone engine management systems, our calibration experts can also assist you with your custom projects.

Complete Engine Builds

Take the heart of your Porsche to a whole new level.

Our engine builders spend the time to needed to completely transform your Porsche engine to a fire breathing beast. Fully balanced, blue printed, custom heads, cams & machining all made possible.

From any air-cooled Porsche to the latest turbo & naturally aspirated variants, anything is possible. We fully consult with our clients to ensure the delivery of their dream engine build and invite them to follow along with their project every step of the way.

Transmission Upgrades & Rebuilds

Drive that power to the wheels! We offer complete transmission rebuilds, re-gear options & LSD upgrades.

When building custom gearboxes, we match your gear ratios with your engine & rear tire size for fully optimized power delivery. All brass synchros & hardware are also upgraded with motorsport parts for longevity.

A critical, but commonly overlooked part of any car is the differential. Our services include differential rebuilds & upgrades with Porsche Motorsport parts or other top racing manufactures. We also offer options for PDK equipped cars as well.

We also carry lightweight flywheel options for all Porsche models, including RS 4.0 flywheel kits for all Mezger equipped engines for added performance & engine efficiency.

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