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With social distancing in full effect and track season at a halt, we want to share with you our Cayman S track car.

Don’t be fooled by the simple bolt-ons, this car really moves.

Let’s take a peek at some of the new bits & pieces that make this machine come alive. A lot of you can even do this at home!

At the Heart and Soul…

…Of this machine, we wanted to increase the intake & exhaust efficiency. On the intake side, we utilized the IPD Competition Intake Plenum paired with the 82mm GT3 throttle body.


The soul of this car runs through the Porsche Sports Exhaust System and Soul Performance X-Pipe Tips.

The PSE offers us a great balance of sound and exhaust flow for the performance level.

We matched this with BMC High Flow Lifetime Filters. This simple yet effective intake solution yields us fantastic mid to high-end horsepower & torque gains.


The valved exhaust system matched with the Soul Performance X-Pipe and turn away tips allows our car to pass the hyper-conservative sound restrictions at Laguna Seca, allowing our drivers to stay FLAT OUT.

All these simple bolt-ons have all been tied together with a bow on top, by our collaborators at Cobb Tuning. Utilizing the Cobb Accessport, we can calibrate the engine with the increased intake & exhaust efficiency.


One of the most exciting features that are available with Cobb Tuning, is the latest PDK Tuning. We can now increase the shifting speed, clutch pressure, shift points and MORE with this new product. If you ever wished your 991 or 981 PDK shifts like a GT3, now you can with the Cobb PDK tune! This completely transforms the fun of having PDK in any Porsche.

Stopping Power

We know Porsche cars all come with great brake packages. We didn’t need to spend too much time to really optimize the performance of this Cayman S in this area. Working with our direct partners at Advance Friction Performance, and utilizing their brake pads, specifically engineered, for late model Porsche cars and their ABS system. The compound they provided us was based on the tires we chose and the driving style the car will see. Their Clubsport compound is the perfect fit.

This friction level keeps the ABS system happy by not overpowering the tires and the ideal operating temperature of these pads allows for a wide range of drivers for HPDE events.




As for rotors, we went ahead and ditched the OE cross-drilled stuff for a set of Sebro slotted rotors. These rotors serve our purpose well enough by increasing rotor life and friction surface area, there-for adding a bit more stopping performance. At this price-point, it’s hard to beat.

We then addressed the brake fluid and brake lines, using stainless braided lines and Endless RF-650 to allow for much greater brake fluid temperatures that this car now sees compared to stock.

Another improvement we wanted to make was on the brake pedal feel. A lot of drivers want a confidant inspiring pedal. What we have done to solve this issue is by installing a larger brake master cylinder from the Porsche GT3/GT4. This allows the brake to push a larger volume of fluid, thus creating a brake pedal feel more closely matched to that of GT3/GT4.


Grip Up!

The last item in the performance category, but should never be overlooked, is wheels and tires. Always considering lifespan, price, and performance, the Bridgestone RE71-Rs do just that. These tires are a great balance in all categories.

For wheels, we went with OZ Leggera HLT 19 inch GT4 Spec. These wheels allow us to increase the tire width to 245 front and 285 rear.

The smaller wheel diameter also helps reduce the final drive ratio a bit. It’s a small but noticeable difference in the acceleration.

Gearing Up for Safety

There’s nothing more important to us than that of the safety of our drivers. Over the years, we have basically standardized our safety package for the Porsche cars. Roll Bar, Harnesses, Seats & Steering wheel, all give you, as the driver, the confidence to go fast. We did just that.


We utilized the BBI 981 Harness Bar with Schroth Harnesses. This particular car came with standard “sofa” seats, so to be able to utilize the 6pt harnesses, we needed a solution for seats.

For ease of use for our drivers and street-ability, we decided on the Recaro Profi XL and factory GT3 seat rails. The GT3 seat rails negate the need for any seat adapters which reduce the seat height, weight, and additional hardware. These rails are our favorite to use as they have the least amount of deflection and are still used on some of the Porsche factory race cars that we see.

Driver’s Feedback

– Chasen Garcias, Founder/CEO of SP Motorsports.

This car really encompasses the true nature of a Cayman S without going overboard. This car accomplished the goal we set out for, a dual-purpose street and track Cayman S.

The driving feel is basically a Cayman S PDK on steroids. Everything is just turned up a couple of clicks. From the induction and exhaust sound to the brakes and the steering feel, and most notably the transmission, oh boy… Let me tell you, PDK can be fun!

What I didn’t like in the Porsche PDK cars was that you really needed a GT car with PDK to have any fun paddling the car to get some cool explosive bangs and pops. With this Cobb PDK tune, this car got it. The shifts are fast, smooth but noticeably aggressive which lets you know as a driver, ‘Hey I’m still a sports car!’ Another great improvement with this tune is the shift points in normal drive mode or sport/sport plus, the gears are held a bit longer but yet still intuitive to your driving style. So driving around town, I’m not in 7th gear idling around like I’m in some Cayenne or Panamera.

I’m loving the brakes. They really work great around town with no noise, perfect for weekend winding roads, and can take the abuse on track, session after session. I personally like something with a bit more friction, as I’m used to that type of initial bite and driving style, but for most drivers, I think this is great. Very confidence inspiring corner after corner, lap after lap. The pedal is where it’s supposed to be, for a driver, that’s what you want, consistency.

This thing makes some cool noises, never thought a Cayman S could sound this mean, honestly! I’ve had some seriously loud cars, from straight pipe 991 GT3s, catless straight pipe GT4s. Ask anyone, if I own it, it’s getting straight piped. This Cayman sound is great, the induction noise from inside is so noticeable. I probably never noticed this from my other cars because the exhaust was so loud. From the outside with the valves, open sounds really mean without getting yourself into trouble. Closed valves keep your wife and neighbors happy, open valves keep you happy.

I think the driving position is good, I usually prefer to sit as low as possible. Nothing taking some pads out from the seat won’t fix. Not a huge fan of the multi-function steering wheel with the thumb paddles as sometimes it gets in the way. I just stick to the center console shifter. Cool thing is, with the PDK tune, it reversed the shifting position in the center console to a real sequential style found in the GT cars and 997 GT3 Cups. Pull back, shift up and push forward to downshift. Much more intuitive than stock.

Overall, I really like this car. Is this a race car? No. This Cayman S just everything you want it to do really well. Simply put, it’s Porsche.