It's Time to Just Let Them Sing

The soul of the car is screaming to come out. Our focus on exhaust is optimized sound, performance & weight savings. From simple bolt on mufflers & center muffler deletes to full headers, sport catalyst & race exhaust. We carry exhaust solutions for all types of Porsche cars. Center muffler delete for GT3 & GT3 RS, Cayman GT4 full exhaust systems, Carrera & Carrera S turbo back exhaust systems. We also offer a full line of Macan, Cayenne and Panamera performance exhaust systems.

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Bolt-On Exhaust Solutions

We offer a variety of ultra high end bolt on exhaust systems for your Porsche & other exotic cars. Systems such as:

  • Soul Performance
  • Kline Innovation
  • Dundon Motorsport
  • Cargraphic
  • Akrapovich Titanium
  • & More…

Full Exhaust Systems

For those looking for a more comprehensive exhaust package, we offer a full line of different exhaust systems. From exhaust manifolds, sport or race catalyst & sport or race mufflers.

We offer specialty coatings for all exhaust systems. Typically reserved for top level racing, we utilize these coating to further enhance exhaust efficiency, unlocking additional horsepower.

full exhaust system
mechanic working on exhaust

Custom Built Exhaust

Don’t want off the shelf? No matter the type of project, our fabricators can build you a bespoke exhaust system. Utilizing exotic materials such as titanium, inconel & 321 stainless steel we can achieve beautiful, handcrafted, works of art.

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