A few months ago, our friend Lar brought in his newly acquired GT4 for a couple of modifications. We started the build with a complete strip down of the interior and suspension. All excess weight was discarded leaving only the bare essentials for the driver. All carpeting was removed, and the door panels were replaced with carbon fiber Clubsport replacements. A Clubsport wheel was installed for quick driver input. One of our favorite goodies in the car is the Motec with a custom bezel!

We installed JRZ triple adjustable coils to exploit the GT4’s stunning mechanical grip. Paired with Tarett Engineering and BBi parts, the GT4 handles nicely on the track while giving the driver near infinite adjustability.

Check out the spec sheet at the bottom for more information on this build!

Slowly stripping out the interior

Olsen Motorsports Racing Brake Ducts

We installed these Salter Aero Wing Uprights to raise the rear wing.

After we mounted these White Forgelines GA1Rs, we were finally ready to align the car.

That ass though!!

Salter Aero Wing Uprights paired with Dundon Motorsports CF Gurney Lip!

Lar is a big fan of the Martini livery, here is the finished product!


  • Porsche Motorsports Dive Planes

  • Salter Aero Wing Uprights

  • Dundon Motorsports CF Gurney Lip

  • GT4 Clupsport Tow Hooks (Front/Rear)

  • Olsen Motorsports Race Brake Ducts

  • Olsen Motorsports Side Intake Screens


  • BBi Autosport GT4 Roll Bar

  • Schroth Profi II GT3 Harnesses

  • Recaro Pro Hans XLs

  • GT4 Clubsport Steering Wheel

  • GT4 Clubsport Carbon Fiber Door Panels

  • GT4 Clubsport Footrest & Fuse Box Covers

  • Rothsport Quick Release

  • Momo Hub

  • PCM Delete

  • Motec C125 with custom CF display mount


  • Aasco Lightweight Flywheel

  • Sachs Clutch Disc

  • Sachs Sport Pressure Plate

  • Guards LSD


  • JRZ 3-Way adjustable Dampers

  • BBi Bump Steer Kit Front

  • BBi Adjustable Thrust Arms Front Pair

  • BBi Adjustable Thrust Arm Bushings Front Pair

  • Tarett Lower Control Arm Inner Spherical Bearing (Mono-ball) End Kit Front Pair

  • Tarett Engineering Adjustable Sway Bar End Link Front

  • BBi Rear Toe Adjustable Toe

  • BBi Adjustable Thrust Arms Rear Pair

  • BBi Adjustable Thrust Arm Bushings Rear Pair

  • Tarett Lower Control Arm Inner Spherical Bearing (Mono-ball) End Kit Rear Pair

  • Tarett Engineering Adjustable Sway Bar End Link Rear

  • MSI Wheel Stud Kit


  • Brembo RE10 Brake Pads

  • Endless RF650 Fluid

  • Cup Car Style Caliper Stud Kit

  • Olsen Motorsports Brake Ducts


Forgeline GS1Rs in Satin Gunmetal

  • 19×9

  • 19×10.5

Hoosier R7s

  • 265/35/19 Front

  • 295/35/19 Rear