Track Prep, Suspension & Exhaust

2020 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 (Manual)


Street Readiness

Full Detail

From the dealer to a full high end detail to get rid of any contaminates. This is the first step step to insure these cars stay in tip top condition.



Paint Prep and PPF

Getting the car ready for race Kit PPF

Before getting the car wrapped with Paint Protection Film we get the paint in tip top condition using paint correction and polishing.

First ModS


Salter Aero Wing Uprights

We typically like to keep the first mod small and modest.
Salter Aero Uprights helps give the 718 GT4 a bit more of an aggressive personality without deviating far from the OE look.


We wrapped it with a Martini Livery to pull the look of this car all together, before getting started on the mods.


BBS E88 Wheels w/ RE71R

We wanted to add some style and utility to the wheels using BBS E88 custom colored to acid green with Bridgestone RE71R tires.


Adjustable Drop Links Front & Rear

Adjustable Front Thrust Arms(RSR Tension Rods)

Solid Thrust Arm Bushings

Adjustable Rear Toe Links

Toe Locking Plates

Add-on: Spring Kit

SPM Stage 1 Suspension Package

addresses suspension adjustability, front end steering response & grip.

This package paired with custom string alignment allows for the front track to be widened without compromising fender & fender liner clearance. This is a critical part of maximizing performance and allowing the proper fitment of aftermarket wheels & tires.


Front & Rear Spiegler Stainless Brake Lines

Front & Rear Advanced Friction Pads: Clubsport Compound

5 Bottles of Endless RF650 Brake Fluid

Front & Rear Brake Caliper Stud Kit

Add-on: MSI Wheels Studs & Nuts

Added MSI Studs and Nuts

MSI's wheel stud/lugnut combination has consistently proven to be the quickest way off pit road. We love the quick access whether for track use or street mods.



718 BBi Bolt-in Roll Bar Powder Coated: Acid Green

Schroth Racing 6-Pt Harness

SPM Strut Tower Support Bracket

AWE Air Guides


Custom colored acid green roll bar to fit the style of the car which mounts to frame structure in the cabin and rear strut towers, providing the strongest mounting points and maximum protection.

The Schroth Flexi Belts make Frontal Head Restraint use safer and more comfortable, creating optimal force distribution on the surface of the device.


These Support Brackets are factory equipped on the 991 GT3 Cup & GT4 Clubsport cars.

They give the front strut towers added structural support, by adding additional 2 points of mounting on the chassis. one on the driver & passenger side. We have adapted these with our Strut Tower Bracket kit to be used on the street cars. Our kit includes mounting spacers and hardware and is a complete bolt-on kit.



Cabin Air Guides dramatically reduce the wind noise or “buffeting” in the cabin when driving with windows down. Absolutely critical to any track day car, as organizations require all cars to drive with windows down for safety.

They guide the air away from the cabin with subtle flicks, the air between the side mirrors and the A-pillar trim move more efficiently around the open window. Additionally creating better airflow toward the rear wing element.


Data Logger & Video System

AIM Solo DL 2: Data Logger with SmartyCam HD GP

This data and video package lets drivers take their skills to the next level. Helping give an analytical perspective to see driving performance on track and be able to improve consistently.


Final Touches!

Forgeline GS1R 19in Titanium

Wheels made for the track! Designed for professional racing teams competing in the IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge Grand Sport (GS) class, the Forgeline GS1R combines the latest in advanced wheel technology, including one piece forged monoblock construction, motorsport engineered design, and I-beamed spokes.



SPM Clubsport Steering Wheel Kit

Easy driver access, control, and weight reduction, what more can you ask!


Clubsport Wing Uprights & Carbon Blade

This was really the cheery on top to make this a true track focused beast!


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