Track Prep, Suspension & Exhaust

2021 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 (PDK)


2021 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4



718 BBi Bolt-in Roll Bar Powder Coated: Satin Black

Schroth Racing 6-Pt Harness

SPM Strut Tower Support Bracket

AWE Air Guides


The bar mounts to frame structure in the cabin and rear strut towers to provide the strongest mounting points and maximum protection.

The Schroth Flexi Belts make FHR use safer and more comfortable, creating optimal force distribution on the surface of the device.




These Support Brackets are factory equipped on the 991 GT3 Cup & GT4 Clubsport cars.

They give the front strut towers added structural support, by adding additional 2 points of mounting on the chassis. one on the driver & passenger side. We have adapted these with our Strut Tower Bracket kit to be used on the street cars. Our kit includes mounting spacers and hardware and is a complete bolt-on kit.


Cabin Air Guides dramatically reduce the wind noise or “buffering” in the cabin when driving with windows down. Absolutely critical to any track day car, as organizations require all cars to drive with windows down for safety.

They guide the air away from the cabin with subtle flicks, the air between the side mirrors and the A-pillar trim move more efficiently around the open window. Additionally creating better airflow toward the rear wing element.



718 Mesh Duct Inserts

This simple fix adds protection from track rubber or other debris flying into the intake ducts. Track and roads have a lot of small debris that is notorious for flying right into the vents but this seamless solution puts a stop to it.


Adjustable Drop Links Front & Rear

Adjustable Front Thrust Arms(RSR Tension Rods)

Solid Thrust Arm Bushings

Adjustable Rear Toe Links

Toe Locking Plates

SPM Stage 1 Suspension Package

immediately addresses suspension adjustability, front end steering response & grip.

This package allows for the front track to be widened without compromising fender and fender liner clearance. This is a critical part of maximizing performance at the same time, allowing the proper fitment of aftermarket wheels & tires.


string alignment set-up for upmost Precision

Alignments and set-ups are our specificity. We make sure to dial in the cars to 1/4mm accuracy when it comes to alignment, ride height, and corner balance.

718 GT4 Street Headers OAP



Exhaust manifold (header)

Over-axle pipes (which contain the catalyst)

Muffler adapter

Dundon Motorsports 718 GT4 Street Headers

Power, Weight Reduction and great sound

All components are made from mandrel-bent, TIG-welded 321 stainless steel. This is a complete replacement from the cylinder head to the factory muffler and is comprised of three pieces per side, optimized for producing horsepower.

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