Precision Chassis Optimization

Whether your car is built for street or track, we can get you setup. We carry comprehensive suspension packages for all levels & Porsche cars, from GT2 RS & GT3 RS to base Cayman & Boxster. Our in house Porsche suspension experts can walk you through step by step no matter what package you choose. From complete dampers to motorsport arms and links we can set you up with anything you need for your Porsche.

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Custom Chassis Tuning

From Panameras to GT3 RSR, our chassis experts spend the time to properly calibrate your car tailored to your needs. Our services include, ride height adjustment, corner balancing, alignment, bump steer optimization & more.

Staged Suspension Packages

We offer specially developed staged suspension kits designed & engineered specifically for each car. Our kits range from Stage 1 to Stage 5, working together create balance & harmony for a enhanced driving experience.

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GT3 / RS / GT4 Spring Kits

Fully optimized performance spring kits designed for use with Porsche PASM dampers. Our engineered spring kits are specifically for each chassis. Spring rates are fully compatible within the valving range of the PASM dampers without the need for additional programming. They offer a compliant street feel with added performance for spirited mountain drives and/or track use.

Strett & Track Damper Kits

We collaborate with top damper manufacturers to develop packages specifically engineered for each client & their needs. We specialize in Motion Control Suspension & JRZ. We offer custom valved non-adjustable dampers, Single Adjustable Dampers, 2-way Adjustable, 3-way Adjustable & 4-way Adjustable options. We provide our clients damper setup consultation trackside or over the phone.

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Suspension Projects

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